Teamwork in EinStory
What is Facilitation?

Session Facilitation,
by an Innovation Expert

Get your session facilitated by an innovation expert to get the most out of EinStory. The expert will join your session just like another team member and help you at each step from idea to project.

How does it work?
How can an expert help?

An Innovation expert can help you conduct ideation sessions with more focus, resulting in generating more useful ideas. Come up with a more realistic value proposition and a robust go-to-market plan when qualifying your concept.


Capture all the thoughts, ideas, suggestions at one place. Attach files to your thoughts if required.


Identify your value proposition and qualify your concept to make sure your idea makes business sense.


Identify high level themes and group your ideas into themes.

Get Reviewed

Request a review of your idea and get expert suggestions for further improvements.
(This is a paid service)

Who is it for?

Session Faciliation Service

EinStory's session facilitation by an innovation expert can help early stage startups, small businesses, existing businesses launching a new product or service, or when pivoting product or service to meet market needs.


In the early stages of starting up, you have loads of energy and blooming with ideas. A little guidance from an experienced mind is all you need. EinStory's facilitation service is just that. Our expert will join your team as another member and give you the much neded helping hand to find your way to success.

Small Businesses

Small businesses have the advantage to be flexible with the changing times. It's easier to try out new things and experiment with new ideas. Without the need to hire a dedicated innovation manager, our expert can help you create your next product or service.

New Product Development

Event if you are an established business, innovation is a never ending process. Trust EinStory's facilitation service when developing a new product idea and make better decisions with our experienced innovation expert.


If you are on a strategic path to pivot your business in the right direction to meet market needs, it's imperative to do market research, capture market insights and ideate around various possible course of action. Let EinStory expert help you in your pivoting journey.

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