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Why EinStory?
Give Shape to your Idea

Building a new product or service is never easy. You have a ton of ideas, thoughts and things that you want to do. EinStory helps you give shape to your idea by structuring your thoughts using a step-by-step process.


Capture all the thoughts, ideas, suggestions at one place. Attach files to your thoughts if required.


Identify your value proposition and qualify your concept to make sure your idea makes business sense.


Identify high level themes and group your ideas into themes.

Get Reviewed

Request a review of your idea and get expert suggestions for further improvements.
(This is a paid service)

How it works?

EinStory's Guided Workflow

EinStory provides a guided workflow to move step by step from idea to product, covering everything in between.

Define Objective

Get started by defining an objective statement. This statement is displayed across the board to help you align everything in one direction.

Define Objective in EinStory
Generate Ideas

Gather your team and generate ideas for your product or service, aligned with your objective statement. Categorize ideas into themes for more clarity.

Generate Ideas in EinStory
Value Proposition

Identify customer jobs and existing pain areas. Capture how your solution can solve customer pains and generate additional gains.

Value Proposition in EinStory
Concept Qualification

Get realistic to measure how your solution can be a financial and operational success. Plan resource requirements, market strategy and break-even.

Concept Qualification in EinStory
Ethics Filter

Run through a list of checks to make sure your venture is ethically sound and does not hurt society or environment.

Ethics & Objective Check in EinStory
Review & Report

Download a report for everything that you have captured in an structured statement. Request a expert review* of your venture and get personalized recommendations.

* This is a paid service
EinStory Review & Report

Yea, it actually works.

Start with EinStory today to structure your thoughts and make smarter decisions.

EinStory Client - Priti

"EinStory helped me quickly ascertain the loopholes in my idea and I was able to build a much more robust business model."

- Priti Founder & CEO, yipisale.com
EinStory Client - Ashwani

"With EinStory's guided workflow, I was able to think about those important aspects of my venture, which usually go un-noticed."

- Ashwani Founder, Frenzy Inc.
EinStory Client - Vaibhav

"The expert review from EinStory panel really gave me some valuable insights to re-think and pivot my idea into the right direction."

- Vaibhav Founder, bookmapp.com
Teamwork in EinStory

Bring your team together,
no matter where they are

EinStory helps you to collaborate with your team on formulating your idea. Everybody can contribute at the same time.

  • Multiple users can work on same idea
  • Team activity notification (coming soon)
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